Mop Me

Floors love being smothered in Mop Me. It’s like a spa treatment for tiles, wood, cork and lino.


Although it’s powerful probiotic stuff. It’s the most concentrated of all our products so it needs to be diluted. Follow the instructions on the bottle before giving your floors a relaxing massage with probiotic goodness.


However, you can also use Mop Me concentrated. Swish it around your frying pans to melt away fat and oil. Or throw it on the BBQ to give it a new lease on life.

We’re yet to find a place that doesn’t benefit from a little Mop Me. Try it yourself.

Room Refresh

Look around you. The air you’re currently breathing is filled with millions of good and bad bacteria.


Body odour, dog breath, garbage particles, kid farts and all sorts of things drift up your nostrils. Luckily Probiotic Solutions can get the the bottom of everyday smells.


The 15 strains of friendly bacteria in Room Refresh fight against the nasty bacteria that cause icky odours. A couple of quick sprays of Room Refresh will quickly rebalance things, leaving your rooms smelling fabulous.


Leave a bottle next to your toilet as a friendly reminder. Or keep Room Refresh in the kitchen to sort out last night’s lamb chops.

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