your bathroom

There’s nothing more blissful than walking into a clean and healthy bathroom.
It’s one of life’s simple pleasures.

Although, nobody likes spending hours on their hands and knees scrubbing grimy tiles and icky toilets.

With Bathroom Bliss, millions of friendly bacteria do all the hard work for you.
Once you’ve sprayed a little here and there, the good guys have a meeting with the bad guys and sort things out. It’s like a mediation session between bacteria.


It does a great job and keeping surfaces clean and ensuring soap scum and oils don’t build up. Plus it smells fabulous.

Keeps cleaning

when you're done

It took us ages to come up with a name for our most popular product.
You can use it anytime you want anywhere in your home so we…um…called it Anytime Anywhere.

It’s the all purpose cleaner in our range. Spray it in your kitchen, your bathroom, your kid’s room, the downstairs den, pet bowls, your car, your boat, your plane, your skateboard…you get the drift.

Spray Anytime Anywhere wherever you feel like it and millions of friendly bacteria will go to work. Don’t leave the supermarket without it.

Give Your

hand a hand

You’ve got to hand it to probiotics. They’re brilliant at keeping your hands healthy and clean.

Whether you’re cutting up chicken in the kitchen, changing a nappy, or taking out the trash, Healthy Hands will sort out even the nastiest of germs.

The millions of good bacteria in Healthy Hands get into your pores and wrinkles to balance bacteria, making your hands feel revitalised.
Plus they’ll smell yummy.

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