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I discovered probiotic cleaning products while on holiday in the US in 2012. I thought to myself, “Australia needs cleaning solutions like this.”

After some research and development, we launched our consumer-ready, all-natural, all-organic Probiotic Solutions range in 2013.

The magic happens in our factory in Botany, NSW, where we incubate and activate over 15 species of non-GMO probiotic bacteria. We only use organic ingredients to begin the probiotic cleaning process, including purified water, sea salt, essential oils, and even brown sugar.

Today’s consumer is more aware of the dangers of chemicals and the benefits of environmentally savvy products, so the demand for our cleaning range is growing and growing.



Michelle Perkins
Director and founder, Probiotic Solutions.



“Scents of magical rainbows”

“Ohhhhh thank you for my al’natural cleaning products. No nasties in these guys and they smell like magical rainbows sprinkled in Ryan Goslings!”


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“Refreshing my home”




“Super cleaner! Great scent and works fast”


“The Anywhere Anytime cleaner is brilliant. Not only did it clean the kitchen bench tops, the lemon scent is fantastic and last for quite a while. It’s really powerful if you leave it for a moment before wiping it off – I actually used on my car wheels and now they’re spotless!”




“Transformed the way I clean”




“Me and my floors just love it”

“I have been searching for a product that both cleans and shines without the chemicals. I love Mop Me especially the new packaging and formula. My Jarrah floorboards are so shiny and look as good as new again! Highly recommend. Also the smell is gorgeous!”



“Gorgeousness for my hands”


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